How can I Make Money?

Welcome to the new NattyWP Affiliate Program. All successful sales (excluding your own) you produce via your affiliate links and banners entitle you to get 40% of that sale. Refer webmasters to our affiliate program and get 10% from their earnings. When you have exceeded $50 in sales you will receive a payment via Paypal at the beginning of the following month. More on solutions we offers:


Sell your work with us and earn money
As a Designer you can also collaborate with NattyWP and earn extra money. We can pay a flat rate for designs or offer you sales commission schemes. All rates for designers are point of discussion.
To start work as designer:
  • Design Exclusive template
  • Submit your design to NattyWP
  • Get approved and discuss flat rate or sale commission
  • Get listed and receive payments to PayPal

Note: We do not guarantee that your design will be accepted. All submitted designs are point of discussion and We`ll accept only design which shows potential.

Submit your Design


Promote us and Earn money from each sale
Our affiliate control panel contains real-time statistics for your affiliate commissions, which will track all the unique clicks, sales and commissions you generate.
Main Features:
  • You get 40% from each sale
  • We pay to PayPal
  • Wide range of banners
  • Minimum release level - $50 USD

We will pay out commissions to all our affiliates within 15 days from the end of the month. So affiliate commissions for September will be paid out by October 15th.

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