We`ve designed Outstand theme for those who are focused on product/service presentation. Creating attractive slides requires some basic design skills, but it`s really worth the time you spend and definitely increase your site conversion. Outstand theme is very user-friendly and highly customizable, which makes it one of the top business/personal wordpress theme.

Theme Details

  • Wide Full-width sliding area lets you better present your content for site users. We give you an ability to configure Slideshow Height, Slideshow Width, Slideshow effect, Timeout and Slide speed. Create your own presentation and increase conversion rate.
  • Control your homepage content. You can enable/disable Intro section, Featured pages section and replace Featured pages with Widgets. Using that flexibility your can completely rearrange your homepage layout.
  • Set your own background image and background color, change default template color scheme to create more "clean web 2.0" or "advanced" look.
  • You can change Thumbnail size for homepage and blog posts to any custom image dimension.
  • You can display excerpts or full posts, depending on your needs.
  • 7 custom Page Templates for Contact page, Archives, Sitemap, Fullwidth etc.
  • 4 widget spaces where you can place default and additional NattyWP widget.
  • 20 custom Shortcodes to style your inpage content.
  • Amazing typography styles. Sample.
  • 12 custom NattyWP widgets. Manage Flickr, Twitter and other social networks, create FeedBurner feed and subscribe users, manage Banners and Adsense, add quick contact form and latest news box.
  • Integrated NattyWP Theme Framework to tweak the layout, color scheme etc.
  • Additional page templates for Archives, Sitemap and Fullwidth.
  • SEO Optimized Layout with custom SEO settings. You can optimize each post.
  • Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails for the blog posts. You can control thumbnail dimensions using Theme Options panel.
  • You can add video to your post from more than twenty video services such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Drop-down menu´s; You can exclude any page and choose between displaying pages or categories.
  • You could split a single post up into different web pages.
  • Banner and Adsense management.
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments.
  • Threaded Comments for WordPress. Fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Site Statistics.
  • NattyWP Personal Networks - widget lets you display all your social network profiles in one spot. You can also display stats. If you enable this option widget display your followers count.
  • NattyWP Tabbed Archives - widget displays your Categories, Archives and Pages in one block. jQuery help you to switch between each tab.
  • NattyWP Latest Video - widget lets you display most latest videos from your posts. You can select how many entries to display.
  • NattyWP Contact - ajaxed widget lets you display contact form, enter your address and insert google map to show your current location (Contact page form).
  • NattyWP About Us - widget lets you display company brief, main information and contact details.
  • NattyWP Additional Category - widget lets you display latest posts from specified category. You can select Posts number, Category and rendering mode (Compact or Big) almost the same like showing full posts and excerpts.
  • NattyWP Banner - Banner widget lets you manage your banners across the site. Widget has its own settings and can be easily configured to display the following formats - 728x90, 468x60, 234x60, 120x600, 160x600, 120x240, 336x280, 300x250, 250x250, 200x200, 180x150, 125x125.
  • NattyWP Combo - This widget lets you manage 125x125 banners.
  • NattyWP Adsense - Adsense widget is an analogue of the Banner Widget for placing sets of Adsense advertisements on your site. Widget supports all popular formats used by Adsense.
  • NattyWP Feedburner Subscription - Create and manage Feedburner Subscription
  • NattyWP Flickr - This widget lets you add photos from your Flickr profile.
  • NattyWP Twitter - This widget lets you display latest Twitter updates on your blog.
Using Color control section you can change any color you like and apply it to your current style.

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