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Dhamma is a neatly coded responsive WordPress theme with fluid grid system that adapts your website to any mobile devices and the desktop. Using this theme you can create business website, promote your portfolio, publish video, images and showcase whatever you want.

Dhamma - Responsive WordPress theme

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Responsive fluid layout

Dhamma theme designed and coded to automatically adjust according to the screen size, resolution and device on which it is being viewed. Thanks to this your blog will look great whatever the screen size or device the visitor uses.

Unique Look

1) Using Dhamma Theme options you can control visibility of different sections on your homepage.

2) We’ve added Isotope grid system support – an exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. It arranges elements vertically, positioning each element in the next open spot in the grid. The result minimizes vertical gaps between elements of varying height, just like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You can also sort items by category and change display format.

3) Included Font Awesome – the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap. The giant set of all available icons is ready to use. Here you can check the list of all icons you can use. Check out the examples to start using Font Awesome! Icons work great in buttons, links, titles, etc. You can use icons in navigation to provide helpful visual cues.

Advanced Slideshow

Thanks to completely editable slideshow area you can display display videos, images, links, buttons, etc. You can also create a custom slide with HTML and CSS.

Easy to Customize

It is true. Each of our theme built on NattyWP Framework is highly customizable. We have implemented more then 40 options which help you not only configure your template, but make it unique in minutes. You can change sidebar alignment (left or right side of your page), specify Thumbnail sizes, add your logo, background, change color scheme and manage website statistics.

Quick Specs:

  1. The main column width is Fluid (adaptive).
  2. The sidebar width is 300px.
  3. Isotope grid preview sizes: 220x150, 220x305, 445x305, 670x305.
  4. Custom NattyWP widgets – 12
  5. Additional Page Templates – 7
  6. Widget areas – 4
  7. Custom menus – 1

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