Client’s Project: AppDropp

December 10th, 2013 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on Client’s Project: AppDropp

In 2013 NattyWP’s team spent most of the time on creating better, more effective, customer-focused websites. We’ve designed and implemented a number of client’s projects (behind the scenes at NattyWP there is lot’s of activity:))

Unfortunately, we can’t share all of them at once… Today we’re extremely happy to announce that together with Warren Cull’s team, we’ve finished development of project.

appdropp-natty Homepage – the latest iOS Price Drops and Discounts

This tool is focused on iOS users, the latest App Store Price Drops and Updates, application reviews, etc.

Warren Cull has founded AppDropp in the beginning of Jan, 2013, based in Ontario, Canada. These guys are huge iOS fans, and their mission is to announce the best deals, discounts, price drops, updates for iPhone and iPad applications, available on the Apple App Store.

After producing just 3 wireframes and finishing with design, we proceed to the development. We built:

  • custom jQuery libraries for slideshows, previews and timelines;
  • backend framework to manage apps;
  • lot’s of math to calculate and track app changes;
  • frontend framework to display and categorize applications;
  • server-side software to manage and run scheduled tasks;

As we are also iPhone users, we do know how hard is to find a good apps in the App Store, cause Apple have over 1 million apps nowadays. Using this tool, users can save their time and find something really interesting. Daily discounts, updates and new apps.

We are happy that the result of our collaboration with Warren Cull and the team will be helpful and fun for the users.
You can read a short info about AppDropp on their website. Have Fun!